Aprilaire Website Program for Dealers

Today's online marketplace is demanding. With millions of consumers finding product information online everyday, you need an Internet presence that distinguishes you from the rest. You need one source for a clear, professionally designed website that displays your range of products and services. The Aprilaire Website Program, offered by KDA Group Inc., is your source for effective, sophisticated websites that meet all of your needs.

The KDA/Aprilaire website template's look and feel has been recently updated with a number of great new options as well as a new modern look and a user-friendly feel that is sure to impress.

For only $320.00 a year you will receive the following

Freedom of Choice - invest in a website that is tailored to your business: choose your pages and images, customize your text and select the products you'd like to display! You'll get a professional and functional site complete with an online lead generation form.

  • Customized Look - for starters you can add your company logo, hours and contact information. But you get to add so much more! Choose from a color scheme and bank of images; add customized additional pages and more to tailor to your site to your business.
  • Contact / Lead Form - provide customers with an easy way to make comments, ask you questions or request your services while building your marketing database. Plus, with KDA's advanced search engine marketing capabilities you can achieve top website rankings, leading more consumers to your site.
  • FREE Updates - unlimited revisions throughout the year done either by KDA or have access to update the site yourself!
  • Traffic Reports - sent to you via email or fax (upon request) for you to see how many consumers are visiting your site.
  • A Dedicated Account Team - to help you set-up your website and maintain it. Our dedicated team will ensure a professionally-built, no hassle website is created tailored to your business.

To get started, click here.

For more information contact your Aprilaire Representative at 262-923-8037 or mil.digital@kda.com for more information about the Aprilaire Website Program.